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Tiruchendur Murugan Temple

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple

Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple – Tiruchendur is one of the six main abodes or sacred temples. Soorasamharam, a reenactment of victory over Soorapadman.


Kulasai Mutharamman Temple

The Mutharamman Temple is in Kulasekharapatnam, close to Thiruchendur. Dashra Festival is well-known in Kulasekharapatnam.

Nava Tirupathi - 1

Nava Tirupathi - Sri Vaikuntanatha Temple

Sri Vaikuntanatha Temple, the first and foremost Navathirupathi temple, is located in Srivaikuntam, Thoothukudi district. According to legend, Lord disguised himself as a thief and confronted the King in order to bring the true culprit to justice.

Nava Tirupathi - 2

Nava Tirupathi - Natham Perumal kovil

Sri Vijayssana Perumal is housed in the temple. The presiding deity is seated majestically, like an enthroned triumphant king. The well-known temple is said to be a ‘Chandran Kshetram’.

Nava Tirupathi - 3

Nava Tirupathi - Thiru Puliangudi Permual Temple

The main deity of this temple, Sri Kasinivendan Perumal, is depicted in a reclining position (Bhujanga sayanam), with a lotus stalk growing from his navel point and ending in a blossom on the figure of Brahma on the wall of the sanctum sanctorum.

Nava Tirupathi - 4

Nava Tirupathi - Rettai Thirupathi Temples

Irattai Tirupati Temples, often known as the “twin temple,” are situated in the middle of a forest (within 100 metres from each other). Swami Devarpiran is depicted in the first of the twin temples standing and looking to the east. Lord Aravindalochan is located in the second temple and is seated with his back to the east.

Nava Tirupathi - 5

Nava Tirupathi - Sri Mayakoothan Permual Temple

According to legend, Namperumal used his Garuda Vahana to fly and save Thayar from a monster. In this temple, Garudar is the urchava moorthy. Sri Mayakoothan got its name because the Lord did a victory dance on the demon’s corpse after the battle.

Nava Tirupathi - 6

Nava Tirupathi - Makara Nedunkuzhai Kannan Temple

According to a temple legend, Bhoodevi Thayar received two fish-shaped ear rings as payment for performing a penance to stop Sage Durvasa from cursing Perumal. According to a separate legend, Varuna performed a penance in order to break a curse.

Nava Tirupathi - 7

Nava Tirupathi - Sri Vaithamanidhi Permual Temple

According to legend, Kuber was rescued from the curse of Parvati’ here. The Nava Nidhis of Kubera were also restored. A prayer at this temple is widely believed to aid devotees in recovering lost wealth.

Nava Tirupathi - 8

Nava Tirupathi - Sri Adhinaatha Perumal Temple

The Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple, the last of the Nava Thirupathi Temples, is home to Sri AadiNaatha Perumal. Lord Nambi of Thirukkurugur is said to have been born here as Nammazhvaar, one of Tamil Nadu’s 12 azhwar saints.


Sri Punnai Srinivasaperumal Temple - Vana Thirupathi

The devotee has the impression that they are at Tirupati since Perumal is standing in the sanctum sanctorum facing east. In the Arthmandapa, He and His consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi bless devotees.

Manapad - Chruch

Church of the Holy Cross - Manapad

The Captain’s Cross is housed inside the Holy Cross church, which was constructed in 1581. The locals and Rev. Fr. John de Salanova spontaneously contributed to the church’s construction.

Kappal Matha

St. Anthoney’s Church (Kappal Matha Church)

It is a well-known St. Anthony shrine close to the water. The crew of a Portuguese ship experienced cholera 450 years ago. At that time, a ship’s carpenter carved St. Anthony’s likeness onto a piece of wood.

Mosque - Kayalpattinam

Khutba Periya Palli - Kayalpattinam

Muhammad Khalji constructed Al Jami’ul Kabeer, also known as the Grand Jumu’ah Masjid or Khutba Periya Palli, in the year 842 AD. Its Islamic history dates back more than a millennium.